3D printing in the air

Harvard University’s team of engineers has unveiled a cutting-edge 3D printer. Unlike typical commercially available printers that produce items on a special work surface, they do so directly in the air.

3Doodler is one of the most unusual 3D printers that allows you to literally write in the air. Although the product was made for kids, the team of engineers at Harvard University, after some refinements, decided to use this idea to create a professional 3D printer that does things in a very similar way.

Standard printers work on a special surface on which the layer is applied to the layer upon which the finished product emerges. Meanwhile, the new laser printer uses a laser beam to produce objects directly in the air, which, compared to ordinary printers, provides much more freedom in terms of shape.

In order for this system to work, instead of a typical filament, the printer uses silver nanoparticles that are merged with a laser beam and thicken as soon as the head is lowered. Mark Skylar-Scott, one of the designers of the new device, explained that the biggest challenge in building this device was to determine the laser’s operating time and its distance from the print head, otherwise the material was torn to prevent printing Rare, so the structure would lose its form.

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