Android tablets grow in strength

Apple tablets are solid in the market, still the most popular devices. This situation may change dramatically. Samsung has launched a very strong attack.

IPad is still the most popular tablet consumer, Apple has managed to capture as much as 50.4 percent. Share in the global market (third quarter data).

In total, 27.8 million tablets were sold in the third quarter of 2012. Among the five manufacturers that have the highest number of tablets produced are also Asus, Lenovo and

The entire market, according to IDC data, has risen almost 50 percent. Every year. The popularity of Android tablets introduced by Samsung, Amazon, and other manufacturers is at the expense of the iPad market. Only last quarter Apple lost 15.1 percent. Introducing the mini version and at the same time full version was not noticed by the market. However, it is known that on the horizon appeared another big player – Microsoft, whose System was very much expected by consumers.

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