Autonomous supplier

Hylio has unveiled its latest supply chain model. The machine called Pegasus is autonomous and has a range of 6.4 km. Maximum can carry 1.1 kg of cargo, delivering it to the desired location.

Many companies are working on air delivery systems, but many of them, due to the current regulations, assume that drones will have to be controlled by qualified pilots. Thanks to modern technology it is not necessary, however, because unmanned vehicles are designed to handle this task perfectly.

One such machine is Pegasus developed by Hylio engineers. The housing of this modern dron was made of aviation aluminum and carbon fiber to provide low weight and high strength. It is therefore very stable in flight and can withstand a maximum wind speed of 64 km / h.

Drona is equipped with six rotors and a 12,000 mAh battery, which on one charge provides 35 minutes of flight. Pegasus also has a special cargo compartment that can carry 1.1 kg of cargo and will be delivered at a maximum distance of 6.4 km.

The unmanned aerial can be controlled with a special smartphone application. At this point, only the destination is selected, and the machine will pick itself up. You can also control it manually using the PX4 Fligt Stick.

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