Chips with breathalyzer

The Tostitos-based Frito-Lay, which specializes in the production of tortilla chips, made sure that the party did not drive the car. So she created chips with her own breathalyzer.

The product was developed in collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners and is aimed at amateurs who love fun but at the same time take care of their safety.

There is a special sensor connected to the microcontroller in the crate bag. It has been so calibrated to detect even a small amount of alcohol in the breath. If it finds its presence, it will turn red, informing you that the person consuming the chips should no longer drive. The bag also has an NFC chip, so it connects to the smartphone and makes it easy to call the Uber.

I will add that it is not a typical breathalyzer that will accurately measure the level of alcohol in the blood. This is a much simpler sensor that only knows its presence. So he will react even for a small sip of wine or beer, which will not exceed the permissible level.

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