Do you use a Firefox browser or a track? You may have a problem

A few days ago, G DATA Software specialists discovered a new type of threat for users of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser and TOR browser to provide anonymity for our activities on the global network.

The vulnerability in the browser allows others to track our presence on the web. This vulnerability is used by hackers to introduce malware to the Windows environment.

– The code is very similar and prepared on the expolit of the FBI, detected 3 years ago. The main functions of the source code reveal that after infection it was supposed to deactivate users using TOR. Interestingly, however, the functionality of the worm is its operation and memory operations, even if the browser is launched in sandbox mode. Lukasz Nowatkowski, IT Director G Data Software.

Moreover, this problem also applies to the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program.

One of the most important recommendations of the experts is to make software updates according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is also reported by Mozilla representatives. In the official statement, it is recommended to update the software to version 50.0.02 for Firefox and version 6.0.7 for TOR browser.

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