Facebook Messenger bots have new features

Bots launched a few weeks ago on Facebook Messenger platform, gain more and more functionality. The latest update allows them to accept payment from users without having to direct them to external sites.

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that the Messenger platform would be enriched with bots. Programs that pretend to be living people work with users, significantly shortening the wait time for technical support. This allows users to answer their questions in a much shorter time, thus improving the quality of their services.

Now bots have acquired a new feature, announced at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 conference by David Marcus, the head of Messenger. New types of bots are able to accept payments. You may use the credit assigned to Facebook or Messenger to make a direct purchase of the item using a bot. This will handle all payment processing, so you will not have to navigate to an external site to complete the transaction.

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