Google Maps has become more readable

Google Maps is currently the most widely used GPS navigation system, and the company that is responsible for creating this service wants it to stay that way, and therefore continues to make improvements to it. Another change has made the maps more transparent now.

For several years, buying a dedicated GPS navigation is no longer meaningful, as the smartphone with internet access and Google Maps memory are the perfect place to do this. The web site of the giant will precisely lead us to the goal, offering many other equally useful features that we will not find in typical navigation.

Google has taken care of increasing the readability of the maps and has released the latest update that makes them more transparent and adds a bit of brightness to the display image. From the view removed, elements that are not necessary for the driver, such as the contours of the roads. The legibility of street names, train stations, etc., has also been improved, distinguishing them from other elements.

The update also includes areas of interest that Google suggests may be interesting for visitors, such as sights or tourist attractions, as suggested by Google.

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