Microsoft drowned almost one billion dollars on the tablet

Attempting to enter the tablet market ended up a big failure for Microsoft. Only a little over a million copies of the Surface model were sold, and probably will not be. Meanwhile, it is said that the company has drowned nearly one billion dollars in the project, which probably will not recover.

Tablets are now a very lucrative market for many corporations, whose equipment sells like warm rolls. Microsoft also wanted to be present, so it designed a device with Windows RT. This was a huge mistake as the tablet was very expensive compared to the competition, and completely useless due to the operating system that is full of limitations. That is why Surface was not a sales hit.

What’s worse, it brought huge losses to the company. In the latest financial report, on the loss side we will find $ 900 million due to the surplus stocks that have not been sold.

Getting rid of them could only mean a significant price cut, but on the other hand they are Windows RT devices, which many consider to be the worst operating system, so it is unlikely it could help in any way.

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