Modern drones for filming from the air

At the forthcoming CES 2017, XDynamics will unveil a new dron. The machine called Evolve is characterized by low mass and a very unusual driver, equipped with two displays.

In just a few days, Las Vegas will host the next edition of CES, where companies from all over the world will be presenting their innovations. There will also be a XDynamics stand that will showcase its latest dock called Evolve. It’s a light carbon engine designed for taking pictures and recording movies from the air, equipped with an atypical controller with two displays.

The controller has its own 64-bit quad-core processor with 4 GB of RAM and runs on the Android platform. The screens are designed so that the image is perfectly visible even in full sunlight. The main display is 7 “and functions as a viewfinder. The additional 5.5 “screen is touch sensitive and serves to control the vehicle.

The new Smart Pilot System (SPS), which not only facilitates the piloting of the machine for amateurs, but also provides everything needed for simultaneous flying and filming.

You also have access to several pilot assist modes. One of them is the Alert Center, which provides status information on the dron. Flight mode, in turn, allows you to block a user’s dron. He will follow him, follow and take pictures.

Evolve has a 4K camera with a 12.4 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor that has a 21mm f / 2.8 lens and a 3-axis gimbal stabilizing its motion. Recordings in 4K can have 24 frames per second, while in 1080p – 60 frames.

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