China has its own undetectable drow
It turns out that the Chinese army may have more advanced equipment than everyone else so far thought. In the photos, the construction was very similar to the Northrop Grumman X-47B's
Do you use a Firefox browser or a track? You may have a problem
A few days ago, G DATA Software specialists discovered a new type of threat for users of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser and TOR browser to provide anonymity
Modern drones for filming from the air
At the forthcoming CES 2017, XDynamics will unveil a new dron. The machine called Evolve is characterized by low mass and a very unusual driver, equipped with two displays.

Autonomous supplier
Hylio has unveiled its latest supply chain model. The machine called Pegasus is autonomous and has a range of 6.4 km. Maximum can carry 1.1 kg of cargo, delivering it to the desired location.

Facebook Messenger bots have new features
Bots launched a few weeks ago on Facebook Messenger platform, gain more and more functionality. The latest update allows them to accept payment from users without having to direct
Yi Technology announces a new dron
Yi Technology, during the forthcoming CES 2017, will present a new model of dron. Erida is a product equipped with three rotors and a camera recording the image in 4K resolution.

Here’s How To Uninstall Windows 10 And Revert To An Older Version
Carrying a Blu-ray discs make backups of my personal favorite Wincdemu no DVD drive in the enclosure. First just make loading. But I'm running out of gas

Do you use a Firefox browser or a track? You may have a problem

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A few days ago, G DATA Software specialists discovered a new type of threat for users of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser and TOR browser to provide anonymity for our activities on the global network.

The vulnerability in the browser allows others to track our presence on the web. This vulnerability is used by hackers to introduce malware to the Windows environment.

– The code is very similar and prepared on the expolit of the FBI, detected 3 years ago. The main functions of the source code reveal that after infection it was supposed to deactivate users using TOR. Interestingly, however, the functionality of the worm is its operation and memory operations, even if the browser is launched in sandbox mode. Lukasz Nowatkowski, IT Director G Data Software.

Moreover, this problem also applies to the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program.

One of the most important recommendations of the experts is to make software updates according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is also reported by Mozilla representatives. In the official statement, it is recommended to update the software to version 50.0.02 for Firefox and version 6.0.7 for TOR browser.…

An Overview On Attorneys In Marion Illinois

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  • Google Contact import is no longer limited to 25 contacts per folder
  • Several fixes and improvements in IMIP/ITIP
  • Fixed several issues with GMail IMAP
  • Microsoft Exchange support (Exchange Web Services)
  • Fixed saving embedded images

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Cortana has become a translator

26/03/2017 Carter Lambert 0

The Internet is a global village where people speak many languages. However, not everyone can speak foreign languages ​​at a communicative level, so they often use translators. This feature is now available to Windows 10 users also offers Cortana.

Some time ago, Microsoft integrated its translator with Skype so that its users can now enjoy real-time voice translation in six languages, and translate text into a total of 40 languages. The now mentioned feature has also been made available to Cortana.

This means that Windows 10 users can ask a digital assistant to translate words, phrases and sentences in almost 40 languages. All you have to do is pronounce the appropriate command, enriching the sentence or word you want to translate, and Cortana will do it in your chosen language. You can also get a text translation.…

Ikea’s Augmented Reality Catalogue Takes You Inside Cabinets

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  • Only in America… do banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters
  • X 2 lumber for the plate rack insert panels
  • There are no winners in life…only survivors
  • Hay bale bench – $10-40/unit

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China has its own undetectable drow

17/03/2017 Carter Lambert 0

It turns out that the Chinese army may have more advanced equipment than everyone else so far thought. In the photos, the construction was very similar to the Northrop Grumman X-47B’s unmade North American dock.

It is unknown how much it is a flight machine, but it is known that Chinese people are working on this type of weapon. Most people imagine the Central Army as a disorganized mob with counterfeit, low quality weapons. However, the reality may be a bit more surprising, and the Chinese army is much more dangerous than we think.

In the future and it’s pretty close, rather it’s a matter of a dozen or so decades, the Chinese can become the greatest military power, detbroning the US army. A similar phenomenon has already occurred in the case of a war unfolding in cyberspace ……

3D printing in the air

20/02/2017 Carter Lambert 0

Harvard University’s team of engineers has unveiled a cutting-edge 3D printer. Unlike typical commercially available printers that produce items on a special work surface, they do so directly in the air.

3Doodler is one of the most unusual 3D printers that allows you to literally write in the air. Although the product was made for kids, the team of engineers at Harvard University, after some refinements, decided to use this idea to create a professional 3D printer that does things in a very similar way.

Standard printers work on a special surface on which the layer is applied to the layer upon which the finished product emerges. Meanwhile, the new laser printer uses a laser beam to produce objects directly in the air, which, compared to ordinary printers, provides much more freedom in terms of shape.

In order for this system to work, instead of a typical filament, the printer uses silver nanoparticles that are merged with a laser beam and thicken as soon as the head is lowered. Mark Skylar-Scott, one of the designers of the new device, explained that the biggest challenge in building this device was to determine the laser’s operating time and its distance from the print head, otherwise the material was torn to prevent printing Rare, so the structure would lose its form.…

Microsoft drowned almost one billion dollars on the tablet

15/02/2017 Carter Lambert 0

Attempting to enter the tablet market ended up a big failure for Microsoft. Only a little over a million copies of the Surface model were sold, and probably will not be. Meanwhile, it is said that the company has drowned nearly one billion dollars in the project, which probably will not recover.

Tablets are now a very lucrative market for many corporations, whose equipment sells like warm rolls. Microsoft also wanted to be present, so it designed a device with Windows RT. This was a huge mistake as the tablet was very expensive compared to the competition, and completely useless due to the operating system that is full of limitations. That is why Surface was not a sales hit.

What’s worse, it brought huge losses to the company. In the latest financial report, on the loss side we will find $ 900 million due to the surplus stocks that have not been sold.

Getting rid of them could only mean a significant price cut, but on the other hand they are Windows RT devices, which many consider to be the worst operating system, so it is unlikely it could help in any way.…

Music labels earn money by streaming music

28/01/2017 Carter Lambert 0

Although sales of music CDs have recently dropped, labels need not worry about declining profits. They earn more and more money to stream music through the internet. Only in the first half of the year, the music industry’s revenues were more than $ 1 billion.

Trends in music distribution in recent years have changed several times. First, we all bought albums on physical media. Then, mainly because of Apple and the iTunes store, digital distribution has gained popularity. Thanks to this the customer did not have to buy the whole album for one interesting song because he could only buy one song.

Recently, however, music fans have been buying albums less and less, as they have switched to streaming music from their favorite artists. From their point of view, this is a much better solution, because at the price of a single subscription, they have access to several dozen million songs of different musical genres.

It would seem that the labels are not happy with the music, especially with the decline of album sales. However, it turns out that they have no reason to complain at all. The latest report from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) shows that they are earning on streaming music, or more strictly speaking, on licenses.

Only in the first half of the year, the plants recorded the highest revenue growth since 1990, up from 8.1% in the previous year. This gave the recorders as much as $ 3.4 billion. Revenue from music services alone grew 57 percent, and they accounted for as much as 47 percent of all music industry revenue.

Streaming the most money it brings in the United States. In the first half of this year, revenue for the first time exceeded $ 1 billion, an increase of 112 percent. Meanwhile, both music and digital albums are getting worse. In the same period, their sales decreased by 17% and 14%, respectively.

Streaming has so crucial to the music industry, allowing it to compensate for losses incurred on other fields of activity.…

The laser will immobilize the car from a distance of one and a half kilometers

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Lockheed Martin is still investing in laser-based combat research and is growing in success. Its latest ATHENA system is already so successful that it can stop the car at a distance of more than a kilometer, without causing an explosion.

The military has been investing huge amounts of money in laser research for years as it considers them a weapon of the future. Lasers are much cheaper to use than conventional bullets, and because the beam of light travels at great speed, it is easier to target them. They are also more effective in combating fast-moving objects.

Lockheed Martin is also working on such systems and has recently developed the ATHENA system, which is a development of ADAM technology dating back several years designed to destroy enemy missiles.

A new laser based on optical fibers is able to stop a car driving at a distance of nearly two kilometers, blazing through its engine. This was confirmed by the latest tests carried out by the company’s engineers during which the engine of the truck was stopped without causing the car to explode.…

Re-zoom and wide-angle lens

06/12/2016 Carter Lambert 0

The Samsung WB100 is the latest camera model from the prestigious WB series, known for its top-quality photos, while retaining the compact dimensions of the camera itself. The new model delivers exceptional image quality and is perfect for dynamic images, recording even the smallest detail with a 16 megapixel sensor.

The WB100 will also be your travel companion, designed to record impressions – from architectural details to scenic landscapes. The 26x optical zoom and the wide-angle 22.3mm lens provide accurate detail reproduction, while the OIS + DIS has dual focus stabilization. With 720p / 30fps HD video recording, users can enjoy high-definition Full HD or HD Ready video, and 3D stills and panorama mode capture stunning imagery and wide landscapes.

According to the manufacturer, the ease of navigation on the on-screen menu makes the WB100 a versatile and easy-to-use camera designed for trouble-free shooting of sharp and effective photos. The camera is equipped with a number of creative features (. Smart Filter and Magic Frame) to improve image quality and shooting comfort. The soft grip in combination with the metallic casing adds elegance. The camera combines useful functions, ergonomics and comfort, and attractive and stylish design. The camera will be available in two colors: black and red.…