Android tablets grow in strength

29/10/2016 Carter Lambert 0

Apple tablets are solid in the market, still the most popular devices. This situation may change dramatically. Samsung has launched a very strong attack.

IPad is still the most popular tablet consumer, Apple has managed to capture as much as 50.4 percent. Share in the global market (third quarter data).

In total, 27.8 million tablets were sold in the third quarter of 2012. Among the five manufacturers that have the highest number of tablets produced are also Asus, Lenovo and

The entire market, according to IDC data, has risen almost 50 percent. Every year. The popularity of Android tablets introduced by Samsung, Amazon, and other manufacturers is at the expense of the iPad market. Only last quarter Apple lost 15.1 percent. Introducing the mini version and at the same time full version was not noticed by the market. However, it is known that on the horizon appeared another big player – Microsoft, whose System was very much expected by consumers.…

Modern drones for filming from the air

28/10/2016 Carter Lambert 0

At the forthcoming CES 2017, XDynamics will unveil a new dron. The machine called Evolve is characterized by low mass and a very unusual driver, equipped with two displays.

In just a few days, Las Vegas will host the next edition of CES, where companies from all over the world will be presenting their innovations. There will also be a XDynamics stand that will showcase its latest dock called Evolve. It’s a light carbon engine designed for taking pictures and recording movies from the air, equipped with an atypical controller with two displays.

The controller has its own 64-bit quad-core processor with 4 GB of RAM and runs on the Android platform. The screens are designed so that the image is perfectly visible even in full sunlight. The main display is 7 “and functions as a viewfinder. The additional 5.5 “screen is touch sensitive and serves to control the vehicle.

The new Smart Pilot System (SPS), which not only facilitates the piloting of the machine for amateurs, but also provides everything needed for simultaneous flying and filming.

You also have access to several pilot assist modes. One of them is the Alert Center, which provides status information on the dron. Flight mode, in turn, allows you to block a user’s dron. He will follow him, follow and take pictures.

Evolve has a 4K camera with a 12.4 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor that has a 21mm f / 2.8 lens and a 3-axis gimbal stabilizing its motion. Recordings in 4K can have 24 frames per second, while in 1080p – 60 frames.…

Chips with breathalyzer

22/10/2016 Carter Lambert 0

The Tostitos-based Frito-Lay, which specializes in the production of tortilla chips, made sure that the party did not drive the car. So she created chips with her own breathalyzer.

The product was developed in collaboration with Goodby Silverstein & Partners and is aimed at amateurs who love fun but at the same time take care of their safety.

There is a special sensor connected to the microcontroller in the crate bag. It has been so calibrated to detect even a small amount of alcohol in the breath. If it finds its presence, it will turn red, informing you that the person consuming the chips should no longer drive. The bag also has an NFC chip, so it connects to the smartphone and makes it easy to call the Uber.

I will add that it is not a typical breathalyzer that will accurately measure the level of alcohol in the blood. This is a much simpler sensor that only knows its presence. So he will react even for a small sip of wine or beer, which will not exceed the permissible level.…

Facebook Messenger bots have new features

21/10/2016 Carter Lambert 0

Bots launched a few weeks ago on Facebook Messenger platform, gain more and more functionality. The latest update allows them to accept payment from users without having to direct them to external sites.

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that the Messenger platform would be enriched with bots. Programs that pretend to be living people work with users, significantly shortening the wait time for technical support. This allows users to answer their questions in a much shorter time, thus improving the quality of their services.

Now bots have acquired a new feature, announced at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016 conference by David Marcus, the head of Messenger. New types of bots are able to accept payments. You may use the credit assigned to Facebook or Messenger to make a direct purchase of the item using a bot. This will handle all payment processing, so you will not have to navigate to an external site to complete the transaction.…

The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast in 3D

18/10/2016 Carter Lambert 0

FIFA and Sony have signed a contract under which selected matches to be played during the next year’s World Cup in South Africa will be broadcast using 3D image capture.

This means that 3D TV owners will be able to watch exactly 25 matches watched like never before. At least in the case of a widely available sports event broadcast.

Decisions on the choice of specific matches that will be broadcast in 3D are just about to collapse. Almost certainly, however, is that among them will be the final match. In addition, after the event, the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be available for purchase on Blu-ray Disc. It is not yet known exactly what it will find in it, but one can assume that the most interesting and important moments will be shown, including the opening ceremony.

To be able to enjoy a three-dimensional ball and three-dimensional players, of course, you need the right TV.…

Autonomous supplier

13/10/2016 Carter Lambert 0

Hylio has unveiled its latest supply chain model. The machine called Pegasus is autonomous and has a range of 6.4 km. Maximum can carry 1.1 kg of cargo, delivering it to the desired location.

Many companies are working on air delivery systems, but many of them, due to the current regulations, assume that drones will have to be controlled by qualified pilots. Thanks to modern technology it is not necessary, however, because unmanned vehicles are designed to handle this task perfectly.

One such machine is Pegasus developed by Hylio engineers. The housing of this modern dron was made of aviation aluminum and carbon fiber to provide low weight and high strength. It is therefore very stable in flight and can withstand a maximum wind speed of 64 km / h.

Drona is equipped with six rotors and a 12,000 mAh battery, which on one charge provides 35 minutes of flight. Pegasus also has a special cargo compartment that can carry 1.1 kg of cargo and will be delivered at a maximum distance of 6.4 km.

The unmanned aerial can be controlled with a special smartphone application. At this point, only the destination is selected, and the machine will pick itself up. You can also control it manually using the PX4 Fligt Stick.…

Yi Technology announces a new dron

11/10/2016 Carter Lambert 0

Yi Technology, during the forthcoming CES 2017, will present a new model of dron. Erida is a product equipped with three rotors and a camera recording the image in 4K resolution.

Most drones available for sale have an even number of rotors, usually four or six, as this design gives them high stability in flight. Yi Technology, however, believes that they will be able to cope less and at CES, is going to present the latest model called Erida.

The product features a robust yet extremely light carbon frame that allows it to operate at wind speeds of up to 75 km / h without damaging the structure. The built-in battery allows you to fly for a maximum of 40 minutes.

Erida is equipped with a 4K video camera with integrated touch screen and a handy memory allows you to record up to 120 minutes of recording. The camera is suspended on a technologically advanced gimbal, stabilizing its lens and providing high image quality in flight.

The device is controlled by a mobile application and, in addition, the dock is equipped with advanced sensors and a radar system integrated with a laser scanner. These devices allow you to bypass obstacles, thereby increasing unmanned safety.…