The laser will immobilize the car from a distance of one and a half kilometers

Lockheed Martin is still investing in laser-based combat research and is growing in success. Its latest ATHENA system is already so successful that it can stop the car at a distance of more than a kilometer, without causing an explosion.

The military has been investing huge amounts of money in laser research for years as it considers them a weapon of the future. Lasers are much cheaper to use than conventional bullets, and because the beam of light travels at great speed, it is easier to target them. They are also more effective in combating fast-moving objects.

Lockheed Martin is also working on such systems and has recently developed the ATHENA system, which is a development of ADAM technology dating back several years designed to destroy enemy missiles.

A new laser based on optical fibers is able to stop a car driving at a distance of nearly two kilometers, blazing through its engine. This was confirmed by the latest tests carried out by the company’s engineers during which the engine of the truck was stopped without causing the car to explode.

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