Voice recognition technology will help identify refugees

Die Welt reports that the German border guards will soon be using modern technology to receive refugees. Customs officers will use voice recognition technology to find out what country people come from.

Every month thousands of refugees from war-torn countries arrive in Germany, seeking shelter for themselves and their children. The problem is that many are not war refugees, but migrant workers, and come from countries where no war is involved. The trouble is that it is difficult to determine the country of origin as they get rid of the documents.

Germany has a plan on how to deal with this problem, reports Die Welt, the authorities of the Immigration and Refugee Agency, who intend to use modern technology for this purpose.

This will help them to recognize voice recognition technology. The special software will analyze the dialect used by people coming to Germany to determine whether the asylum seeker actually comes from a war-torn country and whether he actually needs refuge.

Experts from the University of Essex Linguistics are, however, concerned about the effectiveness of the new solution. In their opinion, identifying the area from which the person comes from, only by speaking to them is a very complex task. The machine can often be mistaken.

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